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Who are we?

New Concept Stadiums Ltd. is a London based company specializing in Stadiums and Sports Facilities focusing on new green technologies and eco-friendly solutions.

We are proud to be the global sales and business development partner of BEAR Stadiums the premium advisor in sport facilities and architectural design, and Rubner Holzbau, European leader in Glulam and Green technology.  Through this partnership we present their innovative "modular wood stadiums" tailored to meet every club and football association’s needs. 

Why Us?

Built to both FIFA and UEFA standards, and in compliance with stringent and international building codes, the innovative modular stadium can be assembled in record time (stadiums are built in less than 8 months), guaranteeing fixed and limited costs with low environmental impact, comfortable, totally green, safe and easy-to-install.

The stadiums are expandable giving the club or football association the freedom to start with a smaller structure and grow the stadium in line with its own growth.

This state of the art glulam technology allows us to offer a light, safe, ecological structure, made of natural materials and designed to reduce energy consumption. In addition to the more appealing aesthetics as well as better thermal and acoustic insulation properties of the building material.

Simply choose the size and color theme of your stadium and we will provide you with a design customized to your own needs and requirements.“

Are we environmentally friendly?

Wood is a renewable resource produced by nature and is a Carbon sink. Our stadiums have very low carbon print and totally green. The principle of using Timber is rapid construction, cost-effectiveness and sustainability. 

The timber used in production comes from certified sustain-ably managed forests, in the north of Europe. In these forests, the trees that are felled are replaced with a 2% increase. This is a guarantee that there is no loss in the tree-covered areas.

To add to the sustainability credentials of the stadiums, mini wind turbines and PV panels can be integrated into the structures to create a hybrid energy package on the roofs to absorb the energy demands of the stadium and significantly reduce management and operational costs.

Smart systems for heating, cooling and electric works throughout the stadium are also in place to reduce energy consumption as well as a water management system where water can be stored and recycled to irrigate the Football pitch.

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